Buckle Up

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The pace in which change is occurring these days has become faster than ever before. Seriously—I mean there has been so much rapid change that is seems people want to buckle up and hold on tighter than ever before. Despite this crazy, frenetic pace, this is exactly the opposite of what needs to happen: letting [...]

ALPHA Female

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10 Signs YOU are an ALPHA Female You more often than not always have an answer and are always right. This can be extremely irritating for everyone around you. But you speak up, not being afraid of having the wrong answer but empowered to be working toward a solution. You take time to recognize others, always coming from a place of having enough. You truly know the [...]

10 Top Motivation Killers

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Negative Attitudes. Bad thoughts, ugly thoughts, vengeful feelings, shame, blame, etc. towards yourself and others is negativity and will kill your momentum and the momentum of those around you. Toxic environments. Do not underestimate the power of your environments at the office or the home. Do you have piles of papers sitting on your desk? [...]

Job Transitions

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It seems everyone I speak with is trying to get to their “next”--next promotion, next position, next new job, next new company, next, next, next. I am proud of my non-traditional approach toward job transitioning. Pay attention, because this is the secret: It’s never really about where you are going, but more about where you [...]