We have been taught here in the United  States that the past is important to understand in order to help us thrive in the present. The problem with this is, when people are busy telling and retelling stories of the past, they have spent very little time trying to understand the impact they have on their present. Often they come from a place of judgment—good or bad—and not really present to the learning taking place. We need to understand the distinction between living in our stories and how they are playing out in our present. Not that they are self-fulfilling prophecies, but that they are leveraged so that you may grow.

You see, as we reflect and learn from powerful situations that have shaped our worldview, those views can begin to change. Yes, that is right–as you change, so does your story about things from the past.

The story is no longer in the past if you are thinking about it. In your mind’s eye you are reliving the situation again and again. So, my advice to you is–if there is a past, leverage the heck out of it so it brings you closer to the present. If you think of the situation again, say to yourself:

Open Questions Open The Heart

This one question allows you to embrace the courage of readiness. Readiness is always happening in the present. I offer to you an opportunity to begin looking at your past through the lens of your growth in the present. Give yourself a chance to see the story in your glory, in love, and in grace. In your strength. In your courage.


Tips to being present:

  1. Ask open ended questions that lead you into discovery.
  2. Know that forgiveness is always an answer. When you forgive you are allowing grace into your heart for healing.
  3. Loving What Is, Byron Katie has a beautiful model on this.

Live. Love. Thrive. 


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