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Raving Fans


“I know I get results, but it’s always nice to hear from people who have experienced them.”

“I cannot begin to give the amount of thanks and praise that would encompass my gratitude for all you have meant to me.  And you may be saying to yourself, ‘we only worked together for a short time, what is he talking about?’ 
Well that time was valuable to me. I listened intently, took your advice even when you had departed from working here , I garnered wisdom from the guidance you gave me. A changed man. I made it through quite possibly the worst that life could throw at me. I was at rock bottom. I take all the advice and guidance my friends have bestowed upon me and move on to yet another chapter in my life. This will be a rewarding time for me professionally and personally.”


“Thank you so much for your suggestion on releasing negative energy.  It really worked and has helped me greatly.”


“I cannot speak more highly of you and your business philosophy. Not only does your advice deliver results, the process is fun! I hope I captured this and would absolutely recommend you.”


“I thank you for all your support and guidance throughout 2012.  Having you as a coach has had a tremendous impact on my success in the past year as well as giving me a more positive and optimistic expectation on the coming year(s).

I am, simply put, in a far better place today because of you.

2012 marked the first time that I worked on “me” in both a personal and professional way. The balanced and multifaceted approach to resolving issues in both my professional and personal life was just what I needed. Although the work was mine to accomplish, your presence, your guidance, your encouragement and your genuine concern for me made this all come together in just the right way. I appreciate you and hope this expression of gratitude resonates within you and that these simple words of thanks help you to appreciate how you have had a positive lasting impact on my life.”


“My comments were meant to say I had a lot of “ah ha” moments afterwards…there were many tools I gained from you that I employed.

Thanks again, and best to you in the new year, as well.”


“Kiannaa was a pleasure to work with. She is insightful, non-judgmental, patient and very encouraging. When asked for honest feedback, Kiannaa is direct but supportive. This provided me my best insights and personal growth. With Kiannaa, you are committed to deal in the present. I would whole heartedly recommend Kiannaa to anyone who desires to become more self-aware and effective in their life.”

Devon| Director

Kiannaa  is an incredible, selfless, and gifted individual. I reached out to Kiannaa with the hopes of getting some advice during my military transition. What I received in return has been nothing less than extraordinary. With Kiannaa’s guidance, I was able to rediscover my passion! Her support created a spark of excitement, which energized my efforts in pursuing new career options. Thanks to her unwavering support, I have a new mindset that has opened a fresh world of opportunities to me. It is my pleasure and honor to recommend her for any of your future consulting needs.

Yvonne | Group Leader

“Kiannaa sets the bar very high as one of the most talented Leadership and Team Development consultants in the industry. She has the innate ability to quickly evaluate and benchmark her client’s current state and develop actionable plans aimed at overcoming obstacles to achieve clear goals and facilitate measureable growth. Kianna’s approach is so unique that she has developed the “Team Influence”; a winning, catalytic method that incorporates process and energetics to help individuals and teams realize their true potential and beyond. 
Personally, I have been most impressed by Kiannaa’s deep passion in helping others grow, personally and professionally. I highly recommend Kiannaa’s services and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Mark  Managing Director

“I returned from a retreat late Sunday night and wanted to thank you.  I truly would not have been in a place to dig deeper and explore my goals further during these past four days if it wasn’t for my work with you.  (Actually, I probably wouldn’t have been even aware enough to think about registering if you weren’t put in my path last September.)

So, from the heart, thank you.”


“I attended a presentation given by Kiannaa this week and was so impressed with her professionalism and enthusiasm for her work. Kiannaa is the kind of coach who understands the importance of connecting on an interpersonal level with her clients to truly understand what the core issues are that are driving their behavior. Her approach is to be direct yet respectful as she encourages her clients to take the risk of trying something different that helps create extraordinary results. Any organization would be enhanced with Kiannaa’s creative and innovative approach as an executive coach.”

Sally| Social Worker

“With Kiannaa’s grounded advice she helped me transform my approach to making connections; and surprising to me at the time, I began to enjoy the process rather than dreading the concept of networking. Within a week I had tripled my connections and within a month signed a contract for my dream job.”


Kiannaa is awesome! I have never met anyone with her integrity, zest for life and willingness to help others. She is a high energy, creative and action oriented leader that teaches individuals and teams how to achieve meaningful results.”


“Thank you for all your help. You are a terrific coach and clearly know how to get ‘in sync’ with your customer. Your advice continues to be very relevant, targeted and helpful to me.”

JP| Human Resources Director

“Thanks so much for presenting at BAY today. I really enjoyed your presentation and was frankly inspired by your enthusiasm and belief in yourself. I’ve been to my share of BAY professional meetings and today’s was easily one of the best and most useful. Thanks again for coming out!”


“I have wanted to thank you for some time. Although our time together was short I really invested in the tools and techniques you offered to make me a better person and manager. I now have an incredible following of loyal “fans”. Again your analysis and coaching was spot on and I thank you for what you helped me overcome and grow into.”


“A quick note to share my appreciation, gratitude, love for the gifts I have received by your being who you are in my presence. Your clarity and courage has helped me stand in my truth.”

Thank you with all my heart!


“Thank you so much for the wonderful session we had just before I started my new job! It was certainly an eye-opening and extremely valuable experience that has had a significant impact on my career.

I was startled by your observation that I had only thought about what I didn’t want in my new position, rather than what positive things I wanted to create and how to proactively achieve them. I suddenly realized that I needed to shift my focus completely. You helped me identify and refine the qualities that are important to me and showed me how I could apply them in my new role. Not only did our session significantly reduce my anxiety and bolster my confidence; it gave me such clarity that I was thoroughly prepared to handle a very challenging situation that came up the first day. I was able to remain calm, poised, and communicate clearly and effectively. Your techniques have definitely helped me create a positive work environment, and I consult my checklist daily to keep focused on my goals. My job is proving very fulfilling and I am enjoying the adventure of exploring who and how I want to be in different and wonderful ways. Thank you again for your remarkable insight and skillful coaching, which continue to help me achieve success in my new position. You are the best!”


“I cannot recommend Kiannaa more highly! As a recent graduate I felt lost as to how to go about developing business relationships. With Kianna’s grounded advice she helped me transform my approach to making connections; and surprising to me at the time, I began to enjoy the process rather than dreading the concept of networking. Within a week I had tripled my connections and within a month signed a contract for my dream job. Kiannaa is excellent at what she does and helps you accomplish the goals you set for yourself or your organization.”


“You a terrific person and always has been a great mentor for me as someone to look up too and aspire to be.”


“I have had the opportunity to work with Kiannaa in several different 
capacities over the years. I have found Kiannaa to be a great 
inspiration to me personally and professionally. She specifically helped 
me to see my successes on paper in a way I would have not considered 
prior to our discussions. With Kiannaa’s expertise and wisdom, my resume 
now is unique to me. It is very professional, concise and represents me 
more accurately. My confidence level has increased significantly and made me realize who I am really does make a difference. Thank you so much Kiannaa, for helping me to think outside the box and realizing how awesome the possibilities are when you embody your true self.”


“I have attended two of Kiannaa’s group discussions about resume and interview techniques – each discussion was unique and extremely insightful. Kiannaa provides excellent advice about how to best represent yourself on paper and in person. Highly recommend. 

In addition, Kiannaa has also given me personal career guidance and initiated thought-provoking conversation aimed at helping me achieve my goals.”

Luke | Associate

“I started working with Kiannaa over a year ago and she has been an integral part of my goal realization efforts. She has helped me gain clarity in several aspects of my personal and professional life and with so much change inherent in what we do on a day to day basis, who doesn’t need clarity! 

If there are areas of opportunity in your life, be it in your work life, your relationships, your community service, or your wellness, Kiannaa will have you on your way to success before you even realize it.”

Carlos| Manager

“I worked with Kiannaa for a period of about 8 months. She is an expert in setting and achieving goals, on both the personal and professional level. She greatly helped our staff become a more cohesive team by helping to define roles and responsibilities and by improving internal communications.”

Charlie | Producer

“Kiannaa  does an awesome job working with people. She has done an outstanding job for me both professionally and personally. I highly recommend her services in whatever capacity you may have the need.”


“Kiannaa was able to evaluate my situation and help me make some course corrections to create a positive, energetic feeling in both my work and personal life. I feel completely revitalized. She has a natural gift of enthusiasm and has tremendous energy and passion for what she does and the support she provides.”

“I would like to thank you for the invaluable coaching you recently provided. Your Insights, relevant experiences, and applicable perspective are already paying off as we transform our individual, group, and organizational behaviors.”


“I have achieved so much more than I could have without her guidance and support. Some people will direct you to the steps and must do’s, however, with Kiannaa she helps you remove those self-imposed obstacles we all have on our road to success.”

Polly| Manager

“Your coaching and mentoring allowed me conquer my fears within and to see the manager I am. Although self-worth is challenged by the trials and tribulations faced every day, you have provided me the ability to make me see me; who I am and my capabilities.”


I am always watching, learning, and so very proud of you living by your truth. Your compassion for life itself inspires me. You are not alone in your journey. There are many of us out there that benefit greatly from your voice. You are loved and cherished by so many for the wonderful human being that you are.

I am grateful for all your posts. I am amazed by the many similarities in both our lives. I too suffered a difficult childhood. I remember painful memories, mocked by siblings, name calling, my artwork was not supported by family members, and many times degraded, very painful. And, I grew up with very low self-esteem, but always leaned on my art to express myself. I found an escape, a sanctuary, through my love for art, my craft, it is all coming out.

That something became a little light inside of me, it never died and always shined. I believe it is a higher power, God himself guiding me to fulfill his purpose.

Thank you for not giving up on your dreams, you are touching so many lives and I can’t wait to follow where your journey takes you. I know it is going to be Amazing. Just like you.

Love you, my dear friend. Stay true to you! :-)”

Anonymous Fan

“Thank you for working with me, I really can tell a difference in my life thanks to you! I appreciate you helping me find me, and understanding my way. It truly is amazing, so again, thank you.”


Peak Leadership

“Two of my direct reports participated in the Peak Leadership experience and have had nothing but great things to say about the new approaches they now take because of their experiences.” 

Carly| Executive

“[When] I attended this Peak Leadership experience, I had no idea what to expect, and wondered how this could/would fit in with leadership. I was truly humbled and enlightened by the entire experience. To be able to look inside one’s self through this interaction of horses and colleagues gave me insight into some of my interactions with others and my own thought processes. Kiannaa was wonderful and her teaching staff was both majestic and insightful. I will definitely incorporate my lessons learned to my job and personal life.” 


“I’m not in any type of leadership position at work, but I was given the gift of experiencing this program for myself. Kiannaa  instinctively knew what to say to me to get me to acknowledge my fears. She knew I needed to improve my confidence, and, most importantly, let go of some past hurts. After spending some time with her and the horses, I found my smile again. And when it came time for me to lead my group, I did it with a newfound sense of self-confidence and purpose. I can’t thank her enough for what she and her program did for me. I’m a new woman!”


“My experience with Kiannaa  has been the best change of my life. She has been able to identify issues that I wanted to change in my own life, and because I showed a desire to change, she took time out of her own schedule to help me along the way. Now I am a stronger, more confident, and genuine person, and a much better leader. A number of the lessons I have learned in this class are things I will take with me for the rest of my life personally and professionally.”  


“This program has allowed me to spend a significant amount of time reflecting on myself and the way I present myself and interact with others. It showed me that I needed more balance in my personal and professional goals, and the specific feedback I have gotten has opened my eyes to my weaknesses and the things I need to work on to improve myself.”  


This was a great experience. It helped me understand my feelings, and that it’s okay to let go.”


Got past my fears. If I don’t believe in myself, others won’t follow me.”


“I learned that I can lead a team to victory.”  


“I want to be more in touch with my employees. This [experience] will help with accomplishing tasks.”  


“The Peak Leadership event facilitated by horses was an eye-opening and insightful experience. All three activities lent their own special revelations. This activity helped me to recognize that I can be that person if needed and not to be afraid to do that sometimes, even though it may be out of my comfort zone. This program has had a positive impact on me both professionally and personally. I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated, and look forward to developing my leadership skills further.”


“This Peak Leadership Program is so much more than just making a horse go left, right, and stop. It is about opening up your heart and seeing yourself. Figuring out facets of leadership is easy once you do that.”


“Monday was awesome. The experience lived up to all its hype. Thank you so very much!”



Common words participants use to describe APEX:


High Impact

I cannot sing the praises loudly enough of the APEX 2-day program. Working with the horse during the event made me realize how much more effective I can be communicating and influencing others when I am more in tune with feelings and emotions, rather than just logically following processes. How things are communicated (i.e. body language, tone of voice) is just as – if not more – important than literal words and intentions.”

Chris| Executive

“The APEX program offered the chance to delve deeper into personal insights and issues holding us back. The program offered a surprisingly effective method of quickly building relationships between two people, the ability to practice honing our ‘observer’ skills to see the facts of what was happening (not offering opinions or assumptions), and an intimate setting that built strong bonds of trust and a positive relationship among our group of six participants. I felt like I knew 4 of the other 5 participants before APEX, but there was so much I didn’t know. I feel much closer and connected to all four now. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to participate.”

“Things happened I would not have imagined, but the ability to identify and take away how I affect others was invaluable.”


What a great experience!!! Learning how non-verbal communication plays a huge role in the overall communication process. I am going to go back and ensure all my people understand my expectations and intentions.”


“Honestly loved the experience. Kiannaa is great! She really knows how to get you to dig deep.”


“Eye-opening, challenging but rewarding leadership experience where you conquer your fears and build awareness. These skills apply not only at work, but personal life too.”


Enlightening and inspiring. Unforgettable experiences that were out of my comfort zone. Provided insight into how to use the experience to improve.”


The program and the horses are helping me find myself, helping me forgive myself, and helping me realize my worth and value. I have realized it’s not about control or making the horse do my bidding. It’s about surrendering to the present moment and feeling what’s truly happening.  Good or bad, it’s all valuable information that helps me find peace. When I am peaceful and present, I can operate from love, and that’s when I’m the most powerful.” 


I really find that I stay out of crisis mode and tend to calm others down when something comes up. I’m a lot more patient, but still persistent.”


“My concerns and fears with regards to my issues were explored and realized. I was no longer a captive audience to what I thought was going to happen. I no longer had to hide and be unsure. I could be confident that I could handle the situations I once feared.”


Leadership from Within

“This program allows you to break through on the FAST TRACK. Working with a horse helped me break through childhood ingrained fear-based beliefs to gain confidence and clarity of purpose. I was finally able to notice how my fear-based programming and thought cycle turned my thoughts into physical reactions. In working with the horses I learned to go deeper into the feeling, which then enabled me to detach from this cycle and overpower the fear. This experience resulted in a massive internal mental and emotional shift, and I now know the tools I need to use in similar situations. All of this happened in less than 45 minutes.

Another big realization I had is how important it is to keep the communication going with other people. You shouldn’t be afraid to reiterate what you’ve said before as this helps you stay in tune with one another.”


“A fantastic, awesome event. It helped me to be more grateful and live life to its fullest.”

Beverly Schmidt