Results: Being In Sync Case Studies


Team Case Studies



Executive staff was uninspired and unmotivated with dysfunctional communication.


APEX program for 6 key executives to help them create new levels of awareness, and become a healthier, more functional team with proactive communication.


By day two, the group had grown to be more open, vulnerable, and willing to try new things. Their willingness to discuss and address important issues increased substantially, and this directly resulted in retaining a key employee who was about to leave the organization. Then because they no longer had to incur the “real” costs of replacing that employee, costs which can be calculated upwards of 300 percent of the employee’s salary (due to things like recruiting, onboarding, and training, in addition to lost productivity and negative effect on morale), their Return on Investment from this factor alone exceeded 300%.

The team enjoyed higher levels of:

  • Awareness: After a week of implementing new awarenesses learned during their APEX journey, all members reported an increase in being proactive within their departments and working together as a team. They reported several times that they were looking forward to working with each other more.
  • Clarity: The group gained more clarity on where their measures were not helping them execute and made the changes required to increase effectiveness.
  • Communication: Every participant reported higher levels of communication, energy and increased engagement.

After only 3 days of “seeing” the progress experienced by this pilot program’s members, the Executive Director scheduled another APEX event was for the rest of the staff.

Fragmented Department Leaders Getting It Together


Six leaders from different departments within an organization were:

  • Operating independently, which was detrimental to their efficiencies.
  • Failing in joint initiatives due to lack of trust, infighting, misunderstandings, and lack of cohesive communication.
  • The leaders were shy, unclear, insecure, and anxious.
  • The participants didn’t like and were attacking one other, taking things personally, and creating a great divide within organization.


Coming together for 100% participation in APEX, a 2-day deep dive that addressed their critical leadership issues and fractured relationships. During this experience, they dealt head-on with their own internal leadership issues, and discovered solutions to correct.


The leaders now enjoy:

  • A Fresh Start: They learned to put the past in the past so they could begin anew.
  • Honest Conversations: Whenever they had a difficult situation, they began going directly to the person to have the conversation one-on-one.
  • Open Communication: They either no longer taking things personally or learned to share any concerns with one another so they could address the real issue.

New Beginnings – The executives now experience more:

  • Cooperation: The members learned to cooperate and work successfully together, supporting each other’s initiatives, something they never did before.
  • Connection: The five leaders allowed themselves to be vulnerable and open up. This allowed for more cohesive and honest conversations.
  • Understanding: They came away with a better grasp of the pressures and requirements within other departments.
  • Congruency: All members reported feeling less stressed and more in sync, with an increase in the quality of their relationships.

When asked to describe the results, many participants simply said: Victory. They also said APEX was “life changing” and “the best leadership program I have ever attended.”



  • Broken and hostile communication.
  • Lashing out and aggressive personal attacks.
  • Gossiping about one another.
  • Lack of understanding about the direction.


Five strangers met at a farm for a 2-day APEX training that addressed their lack of clarity, compassion, and understanding within the organization.


The participants learned they are not alone in trying to reach the organizational goals. They also discovered that by working better together, it made the experience more enjoyable and fun.

They now understand the holistic requirements to meet the goals, and reported increased energy levels. All five members also reported an increase in communication and better outcomes when addressing conflict. They reported less stress, irritation, and an increase in creativity.

They reported feeling that their lives and outlooks have completely changed, and this was the best training that they had ever been to.