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Who Is Kiannaa Sadge?Kiannaa

Kiannaa Sadge is a consultant, strategist, and master of results who has been asking the “big” questions since childhood. Her approach is to link deep knowing of purpose with personal alignment to guide the world’s trailblazers in their pursuit of excellence.

Kiannaa helps leaders and their teams develop synchronicity in business and in life. By drawing from her clients’ personal experiences, and using the power of compassion and inspired enthusiasm, she helps them achieve positive outcomes.

Kiannaa Is An Authentic Visionary

Kiannaa is an inspired visionary in pursuit of excellence through being in service to innovators and ground breakers. She helps them learn new ways to be present in relationships with themselves and their teams. Kiannaa uses personal growth to create nurturing environments that increase trust, empower greatness, and align to create massive results.

Kiannaa’s experience is diverse. She has consulted with top performers and renowned experts in their respective fields, ranging from military admirals, government officials, and world-changing influencers. Kiannaa’s corporate clients include oil executives, manufacturing CEOs, pharmaceutical leaders, doctors, and more. Her ability to create a positive shift in thinking helps top thinkers and their teams increase synchronicity and break through limiting conscious states and patterns.

Kiannaa knows that getting in line with truth is the fastest way to increase the quality of results that increase joy, love and gratitude in all. She knows when people act in full from their knowing and truth they inspire synchronicity of your efforts, teams, and results.

Kiannaa’s Core Values

1: Clarity is the way to knowing.

The world is crowded with disinformation and illusions. Kiannaa believes that cultivating clarity helps you be In Sync with your knowing so it’s easier to make the right decisions.

2: Developing understanding is key to compassion.

Bad relationships and businesses stem from an imbalance in compassion. Compassion is an expression of communication where you share and stay in touch with your authentic self.

3: Authenticity is the path to results

Falseness is the white noise of the world. Expressing your authentic self not only makes you stand out, it also helps you be heard and hear others.

Kiannaa’s Approach

Kiannaa’s core values are expressed in her approach, which is rooted in enabling growth that helps people break through limiting beliefs and get in alignment with their knowing. To enable this level of growth she offers hands-on immersive experiences, consulting, and workshops.

Kiannaa has an Organizational Leadership Master’s degree. She pursued education as a pathway to engage leaders through the value of Being In Sync, achieving and living in alignment, and developing lasting congruency. Kiannaa is also an accomplished online teacher. She has distilled the core lessons behind her personal growth consulting, In Sync training, and motivation challenges into a host of online courses users can experience at their own pace. Learn more about Kiannaa’s programs here.

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