Focus, Expectations, and Intentions

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What an epic failure I am. Everything I set out to do didn’t work out. Somewhere I got off track and totally lost focus. I’m done. I’ve heard these lame excuses so often from my clients, I’ve lost count. And no matter how often I’ve heard them, they still bother me. Because once again, it [...]

Professional Work Attitude: The Four Agreements

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“Knowing your true self will help you work more effectively to reach your goals. It will lead you down the road to success. It will bring you a calmness that will improve your attitude and your relationships with others.” – Author Unknown What a great quote, huh? I agree 100%. When you show up to work [...]

Feed What You Want to Grow, Starve What You Don’t

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When I grow tired of it cluttering up my mind and heart, I want to choke it and watch it die. So I reach inside myself, wrap my imaginary fingers around it, and start squeezing, squeezing, squeezing until it has completely disintegrated. It feels so good to finally rid myself of...negativity. Had you going there [...]