Today, it has been 32 Days of my 60 Day commitment to doing Yoga Daily. I must share with you that I was not, and have not been, a big fan of yoga.

Breath is what gets me through.

I grew up in the 70’s with my mother teaching yoga in our home. Random hippies coming to get their yoga and breathing.  Needless to say I would watch this and wonder… why?
So, here I am last month asking: What Am I To Do Next? And I got a direct msg from Spirit! I have received these in the past and chose to not follow. It bit me in the butt. This time, I knew I had to follow. Here is my experience so far:
It took 12 days for me to reach my first goal which was to be able to touch my head to my knees with ease. (Whew!!! Let me tell you EASE is the key word there!)
It took 31 days for me to go through an entire practice and find it enjoyable.
As I reflect on the 3 biggest learning of the last month, I came up with these:
1. Discipline creates new patterns.
Lots of times people want to change their life but the fail to do so because they lack discipline. This yoga practice has reminded me of this critical factor of success.
2. Commitment can be uncomfortable. 
We all know that change occurs out of comfort zone. I like being an expert but I am not an expert in yoga (YET!). Its humbling to have a beginners mind. And its ok.
3. Progress that is slow is sustainable. 
Lots of people make changes but can not sustain them. As a business consultant, I see this issue with many change projects.This daily yoga practice shows me that we  can sustain progress with connection, breath and balance. The same is true for many aspects of our business careers.
Stay tuned for the final outcomes. I have no idea what else I will learn but I know it will be powerful.
Off to practice.