It seems everyone I speak with is trying to get to their “next”–next promotion, next position, next new job, next new company, next, next, next. I am proud of my non-traditional approach toward job transitioning. Pay attention, because this is the secret:

It’s never really about where you are going, but more about where you are right now that impacts how your future develops.

Most people spend HOURS working on their resumes. Most get feedback from one person, then make changes. Someone else will review their resume, and suddenly their advice is to revert back to the old resume. And suddenly, they find themselves going back and forth over the same changes.

Business-Leadership2My approach has less to do with the content of the resume itself, but more to do with how we feel about how we are presenting ourselves to the world. You see, that is where our true power lies. If you are not feeling confident about your resume and how well it is representing you as a person, then this is the first part of incongruence that employers pick up.

Consider this: You are going to a party and as you are walking up to the house, you think to yourself, “This is going to be an amazing party.” This sensation is how you should FEEL about your resume. You should FEEL it represents you as a person and tells your story. This will make all the difference when you are submitting it for the job of your dreams.