IMG_0920Have you ever felt hungry and thought “Oh, I think I need to eat something”. Then, you stand at the refrigerator, not sure what it is you want to eat so you grab something that is quick and easy instead, not realizing that “quick and easy meal” didn’t really feel that great once it was in your system?

Our bodies are delicate and complicated systems. If we want them to operate at optimum levels, then we need to pay attention to what is and isn’t working for us. Stop thinking it and start feeling it.

I once had a client, fairly over-weight, over stressed, over frustrated–you name it, this client was it. And, he was miserable. Not surprisingly, 90% of my clients want to set losing weight as a goal for themselves. But, here is a little secret. The real issue is never about the weight, the issue is how they are feeling. How we feel drives our deepest desires. Desire is one of the most driving energies that is accessible to all of us.

I then assigned my client: “NO DIET. Do not change anything at all. If you feel compelled to change something, drink water over soda. And, just try to notice how what you’re eating feels in your body. That is your only assignment.”

Sure enough, the next week he came back to our session with some incredible insight. He noticed the food he had been eating made him feel terrible. In fact, one indulgence of his had been causing his heartburn for years–but he had never stopped to feel what was causing it.

The point here is to take notice of what your body is feeling. You don’t need to make any changes. Just take notice. You may notice you have a different appetite for certain foods after you feel better eating them.