Did you know you can inspire others just by noticing and encouraging them on their paths? Inspiration doesn’t cost a dime and it goes a long way in lifting the spirits of yourself and others.

Inspiration can happen anywhere if you just take notice of what is happening around you. For me, I notice patterns. Someone new pops into a pattern and I usually notice. When I was at the gym the other day, I saw all the regulars, said my good-mornings and got to my workouts. I noticed a woman doing her physical therapy (PT). Having gone through nearly a year of PT myself for a horrific neck injury, (dislocated c-1/c-2— if you want to be inspired read more here). I know the dedication first hand. Self-care is not always easy but when you go through a physical injury that leaves you feeling wrecked, you are humbled in a way that you never forget.

I’ve seen her there for a few days now. She is still doing very basic moves: getting up, getting down, lifting her arms, and putting them down. I can see she is a very strong woman. After watching her working hard, I decided to encourage her: “You are really strong. I know therapy can be tough, but you look awesome. Keep it up. You are doing awesome!” She smiled and beamed from ear to ear with a smile. Thank you. You are inspiring me. She went on to say that she is 65 and has Parkinson’s disease.

There are millions of people in this world. Everyone has something they are being challenged by, that you know nothing about. Take a moment to encourage others. You will be glad you did.

Live. Love. Thrive.