The pace in which change is occurring these days has become faster than ever before. Seriously—I mean there has been so much rapid change that is seems people want to buckle up and hold on tighter than ever before.

Despite this crazy, frenetic pace, this is exactly the opposite of what needs to happen: letting go. Everyone knows letting go is the key to moving forward, yet they continue holding on so tight they forget they’re buckled up!

The real question becomes: how do we unclench when we aren’t even aware we’re holding on too tightly?

This is where increased awareness comes in. You see, letting go is a conscious activity. When you let go and are aware, you finally can realize the lightness that comes from being in the flow of life. It’s that push—that rush to achieve more and more—that prevents us from realizing how much we are holding on to: ideas that are limited, filled with lack and loss. Is this you?

Limiting thoughts show up in our behaviors. They show up in our feelings. They show up in every single conversation and every single relationship we have. Who we are shows up everywhere we are! There is no escaping this.

The most important relationship you will ever have in your life is the one you have with yourself. Have you invested in that? If you want to change the pace of change you must become more attuned to your internal rhythms and begin to honor those.

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Live. Love. Thrive. Be In Sync.