Every year at this time of year people start talking about their New Year Resolutions. These grandiose goals that will change you for the better, and yet statistics show that less than 8% who make a new years resolution will keep them. So why do so many people fall into the Resolution Illusion? It’s simple but not pretty.

People like to follow prescribed timeframes. They follow group norms and patters EVEN though they know they will not work. They hope, they pray, and trust that maybe this time it will be different for them but it’s not.

My clients are at the top percentage of success in their career. Easily 90+% when I ask them how many goals did they complete from the previous year they cannot tell me. When I ask them to think about what they set out to accomplish what did they complete. They cannot say. Not because they are not smart. Not because they are not capable. It is because we give little to no attention to celebrating or counting our successes. Why? Because most people are not clear enough to know what is it is they truly want, because they are following what they think they should have verses what they truly desire.

Don’t fall into the trap. Here are 5 tips that will bring you from resolution illusion to being in sync.

  1. Take time to get clear – is what you want the same as what you need?
  2. Do your needs take a back seat to your wants?
  3. Set short, measurable goals (30-60-90 days) will get you further along than a massive unrealistic goal.
  4. Make your year FUN. Celebrate successes everyday by keeping a success log and creating a happy dance.
  5. Every year I come up with a theme song. This song represents what I want my year to embody.

Cheers to a New Year and Being In Sync,