I find it occurs more often with my female clients. However, I think saying NO is a complete sentence. However, many women feel more compelled to explain their No responses with fillers. They try to soften them, dress them up, and make them look different than what they really are.

No is a powerful word and it gets a bad wrap. No is a full sentence. It can stand-alone and requires no further explanation. Typically if you say No people no you mean NO. However, when you say no and then add an un-needed explanation you send a mixed msg. Yes it’s true. Explaining your answer when it was not requested could imply that you are not fully committed. True! Would you ever want to share with people that you are not fully committed to what you are saying? No with an explanation can do just that.

My advice for all, male of female, commit fully to what you are saying. If you mean NO say NO and nothing else (unless it is requested). It might look like this…

No I don’t agree.

No I don’t think this is the right direction to go in.

No this isn’t true for me.

No thank you.

No, Thanks.


It can be simple. Keep it simple and your life will have less complication and less drama.

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Live. Love. Thrive.