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Is Yes Really Yes?

To this day, I believe that saying NO was one of the most powerful lessons I learned in college. They didn’t teach it in class. In fact, it is a lesson only a wise teacher teaches.

I have had clients come to me and say “This is a month of YES.” It was a young business woman who told me this during our session. Her idea of saying YES to everything was that she would be sending a message to the universe that she was open. Hmm…interesting.

I agree that language is a powerful force, but nothing is more powerful than our way of BEING. Our being in connection with our truth would require that we not make blanket statements of behavior that require us to dismiss a NO when it is needed.

You might be thinking, “Kiannaa, you are taking this to extremes by saying YES might put us in danger.” Yes, it is true. Any time you make a declaration there is force behind it which might alter your ability to get in touch with your truth. A YES is not always in your best interest just because you say it is. This is where passive-aggressive responses come in.

People sometimes say YES, but really mean NO. Wow…it can get confusing. Any time you are feeling confused you are opening up to a new truth. Be open and willing to investigate. Then, ask yourself: Is a YES really warranted here?

What do you think?