Everything. Begins. Within. 

Love is something that is part of all of us. How we are able to see it, feel it, sense it and express it… Is different for us all.

I came across this visualization that helps one raise to the vibration of love. Love being one of the highest energy vibrations we can attain. On this Valentines Day I wanted you to give yourself this gift. If you notice after reading this you feel better… it’s true. Feel free to read it over and over. Voice Record it and listen to it. Whatever you need to do to remember that you are an energy vibration and you have the power to raise your vibration at any point in time. Enjoy.


Energy Vibration

Except from Paul Selig.

“Now, there is no one in this room who is not in love with somebody, as you say, means in the frequency of love. So everybody right now move into the vibration of love with one being in your life who you truly love. Think of that person, please, and move into the vibration of love. Will you do this, yes? We are shifting your vibration. Stay in this frequency, please, for a few moments.


Now imagine there is a window before you, a window a ways away. You have to take several steps forward to look out the window. And imagine that that window is being cleaned. Any dirt, any fear, anything covering the glass from a clearer vision is being released and washed away in your own recognition that you have a right to be seen through whatever frame you hold, whatever way you have known yourself.


“I am the woman who will never… who has always… who has screwed up, who was laughed at, who was shunned, who was adored, who was desired,” whatever names you have carried to call yourself to that window, you will release them now. And you will stand there before the window and see all the possibilities that are before you. There is a whole world before you, populated with many beings. Now, we would like you to do something new.


New Beginnings

Open the window, open the window, open the window, and say, “Welcome. Welcome to the world. Welcome to my love. I say, welcome to all that may be. I say, welcome to all I may choose. I say, welcome to all I could create in my knowing of my worth, in my cherishing of my being, in my recognition of my soul’s intent to be in partnership, in love, in passion, in friendship, in joy, in caress, in love and companionship. I am accepting all that can come to me, all I will allow, and I say welcome.” As you do this, the frame is increasing in size. The frame is getting larger and larger until it becomes a doorway. You can reach before you. You can feel the doorframe and you can step outside if you like, and with the lungs filled with air and with the heart filled with love say, “Welcome.” Say the word, “welcome” and expect to be met. Let somebody come forward now. Let somebody come forward now to be greeted, to be greeted, to be greeted. Let somebody come forward now to be met by you, by you, by you in your awareness of your request to be welcomed. When somebody comes forward, say, “Hello. I know you already. I have welcomed you before. We are here to learn again. We are here to be in love. We are here to learn from one another as love comes to us, as us, and we embody as love.”

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