Being in truth is one of the most courageous states a human being can be. It requires a deep knowing inside of your true wisdom. You see, there are universal truths that will always prevail over situations and relationships. It can be a painful truth when you realize things are different than what you always thought and were taught they were.

I had a client—a high-level, high-performing executive. This client loved getting results and making sales—it was their natural state at work. However, their family was another issue. They were taught family first, above all else. If there was a family issue, it was expected that everything else come after. Even if it meant that the job is last, family always comes first. That was the type of pride that came with the family.

This may sound familiar to you. However, the story changes as one becomes aligned with the universal laws of truth.

This client decided that they wanted a goal centered around truth. The goal was to speak my truth with my family. As we were reviewing goals for the year, we took an extra long time discussing this one.

This is typically not one of the traditional goals that clients put on their lists to address in a year. This goal of truth is one that has a higher calling. It is one that serves the soul and will take their lives in a different direction. I wanted them to be sure that they had an awareness of such.

As much as I could have tried to prep a client for this journey of truth, it reveals itself in a different way for each person. One thing is for certain–the illusions that one holds about the family will be shattered. This is certain. How and when that happens is unknown.

The unknown is what often attracts people to the journey of the spirit. Truth is the core of all of who we are. When we seek truth in our family, anything that is untrue will fall away. Truth will be shown in a way the soul can see.

Once one becomes aware of what they are seeing, the ego goes into overdrive to try to dismiss it, and say it “can’t be so.” However, universal truth will always prevail. The issue then becomes this:

When you ask for truth and you see it, are you willing to do what is required for your growth?

Are you willing to let go so you can continue your journey?

For this client, it meant seeing the truth of things they never considered before: the truth about love, family, faith, kindness, evil, relationships.

Family above self is never really love. It is about control, manipulation, secrets, deceit, and lies. When these are revealed, it can be extremely painful. Some of the worst pains in life are the realizations that what we thought we once knew is not at all actual reality.

This journey of truth is one of the most beautiful and simultaneously painful experiences I have witnessed. What it allows in once the truth is revealed is the WHOLE truth. And nothing is more healing and rewarding to knowing you are supported through this process with your biggest dreams coming true.

Yes this is True. The Dreams of my client came through in the most unexpected, EASY ways you can imagine. Some might say “too good to be true”. It’s not too good to be true at all. That is spirit always giving. Always feeding. Always loving.

Being In Truth is a courageous way and its rewards are present in the soul. There is a lightness that is revealed when the heaviness of lies have been lifted.

If you are going through this or wish to be in the truth it is always helpful to have support. I am here for you.