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Kiannaa Sadge has always had an innate ability to lift others up. If asked what she knows best, she would say, “I’m a relationship expert.” In actuality, her purpose can be whittled down into its rawest form:

Kiannaa helps people find their own, personal worth.

In a recent podcast on the TellJanus radio station, Kiannaa shares with the listeners:

  • How she got started in the consulting business;
  • The type of client who benefits the most from her services;
  • The person who inspired her the most;
  • The obstacles she faced when she entered the generally male-populated business of consultancy; and,
  • How her BeingInSync program helps others find their personal worth.

Opening the Door to a Brand New Future

Kiannaa’s break into consulting work came from an awkward moment during a military presentation. After completing all of her hard work, and it came time for her findings to be presented to some of the top-level brass of the military, Kiannaa stepped back into the shadows and watched as her work was about to be presented by somebody else—a male member of the military. Not being invited to present her own work didn’t bother her—“Everything is there for all of us. We all get credit for good work” was, and remains, her philosophy.

However, everything changed when a very nervous military presenter, unfamiliar with the contents, suddenly grew uncomfortable standing in front of the room. He excused himself just before the start of the presentation, to go wipe the gathering sweat off his brow. When another military person approached Kiannaa and asked her to step in and speak to the crowd, a nervous but confident Kiannaa stepped up and “knocked the ball out of the park.” The success of her work, along with her demonstrated confidence and competence, resulted in her obtaining a one-year contract with the military immediately after her successful presentation. Her consultancy business was born.

That day, the door opened for me and I chose to walk through it.

The Hyper-Analytical Personality Type

The general population of Kiannaa’s clients tend to be what are commonly referred to as “hyper analytical” people. These are the CEOs, CFOs, military officers, and other high-level executives in powerful positions. These are the people who are so used to being in charge, they forget how to just “be.” They overanalyze, over-criticize and often, even overstep their boundaries. As a result, their actions begin to affect everyone around them, straight down to the front-line workers. Kiannaa’s innate ability to recognize the increasing gaps and identify the major areas that need to be addressed are the key elements of what makes her so successful.

A Wanted Woman

Kiannaa’s solid, fifteen-plus years’ of experience in consulting, along with a long, track record of excellent results and story after story of personal success, makes her highly desirable and easily sought after. Her reputation as an exceptional, professional change agent precedes her. Many companies searching for her kind of change agent seek her out after talking to other companies who have used her in the past.

In fact, some of her clients have even approached her after one of her many speaking engagements, and ended up hiring her on the spot. Wherever she goes—both nationally and globally—she earns the respect and admiration of every company that chooses her to help them bring peace back to their organizations.

The Relationship Expert Speaks

As mentioned previously, Kiannaa’s ability to quickly identify the areas of conflict that need adjusting comes from being an empathic and compassionate listener. She uses her listening skills to get to the heart of every matter. And, she has learned that the “heart of the matter has little to do with external factors, and everything to do with one’s internal identity.” In other words, Kiannaa helps people build better relationships with…themselves.

My purpose is to connect heads with hearts. And, to get them to understand that healing comes from recognizing and transcending the pain they have experienced in their lives. It is mostly a “letting go” process.

A Worthy Role Model

Kiannaa looks to her own mother as the single most influential person in her life. As a single mother, she knew she had to find a way to put food on the table and take care of her children. With that in mind, Kiannaa’s mother started her own corporation from the ground up. She showed Kiannaa through her own hard work that, “There are no boundaries in life” and, Kiannaa’s favorite saying, “The only limits we have are the limits we set for ourselves.” Although her mother is no longer around, those powerful words still echo with Kiannaa today, and remain the driving force behind her mission to help others find their true worth.

Working with Women

Kiannaa also recognizes the differences between men and women, and knows that each gender comes with its unique personality quirks. Therefore, she knows working with women requires an entirely different approach. Unlike men, women in high-level positions have the added burden of having to fit in with their male counterparts, and often this leads to unhealthy, unproductive relationships and, at times, boundary violations. It can also lead to competition between employees—competition for the better job or promotion, more attention from the boss, recognition for a job well done, credit for the success of the company, etc.

Competition is never good. It doesn’t serve the greater whole, it only serves you.

And, of course, for some women there can be added guilt—especially in situations where the female executive has young children at home, demanding their fair share of her attention. Fortunately, Kiannaa’s ability to quickly identify all areas in need of improvement with males and females makes her skills uniquely valuable.

How Can I Know My Worth?

Kiannaa has made it simple and, quite honestly, extremely economical, for everyone who is struggling to find their worth. Through the development of her BeingInSync program, Kiannaa has taken what normally takes months, possibly even a year to accomplish, and broken it down into six simple weeks’ worth of guidance, instruction and personal improvement. She has captured the essence of what she has done during fifteen years of consulting, and has neatly wrapped it up in a manageable, affordable, high-quality package that can be done entirely on-line, in the privacy of your own home. And for someone who has spent so many years helping others find their authentic selves, the willingness to take part in her program will, in fact, help YOU find your worth.

For further information about Kiannaa Sadge, please check out her website: In Sync Consulting

For direct access to her BeingInSync program, you can get to it through the following: Being In Sync

To hear the audio version of her February 15th, 2016 podcast with Janus Mumford, a women’s advocate and the host of the TellJanus radio show, just click on the link.