It was right around 3pm one day when I encountered a former client of mine. Hidden from everyone else, there he was to meet me with a warm greeting. He had always been a gentleman and carried himself with poise. Except this time, I sensed something was very different—very off.

As we chatted, I noticed some small, subtle things about him had changed. His smile was still the same…except not as full and bright as it had been—in fact it was dim. Then, I noticed his skin—it was missing that nice, warm, healthy glow it used to have. When I finally looked into his eyes—I saw what was wrong. He was broken and floundering.

The job he is currently in may be paying his bills, but it’s killing his spirit. The fat paychecks might be providing him with a lifestyle he had always wanted, but it has come at a huge price. What amount of money is worth sacrificing one’s sense of joy in the process?

The time he spends at work is being counted much like it is in prison—leaving him to ask, “When do I get out?” There isn’t any excitement when he goes into work—just more dread that he has to go serve another day in a place he doesn’t like anymore.

When and how does it stop? Is there anything else to be done?

The soul is always, always communicating with the conscious self. The messages the soul give can range from nearly imperceptible, to subtle or even bold and “in your face” direct. The beauty of the soul is that it is all-knowing. Your soul will guide and direct you to act. The responsibility for accepting and taking that action is put solely and squarely onto YOU.

Great risks bring great rewards. To someone who is broken, the feeling of being supported is often misunderstood. Words cannot and do not impart the feelings of JOY and justice.

If you are lost, broken, and floundering, understand you are not alone. When you seek help, you will find joy. However, you must seek it—and then it will emerge.

The Being In Sync 6 Week program is designed for achieving movement where stagnation is being felt. It brings joy where darkness looms. If you or someone you know is in need of something different, please share this with them.

There is hope. Never give up!

Live. Love. Thrive!