Yes, yes—even YOU. Perhaps you thought I was directing this message toward someone else? No, it’s true! YOU are a Cosmic Superstar.

I had the privilege of listening to the head of NASA speak and it was fascinating. Although he didn’t go into any details at all, he did elude in the speech that we are not alone on this planet.

I believe this is true. However, many of us feel alone. When you take a moment to consider who you are, what you are and how you serve in this world, you will feel a lot less alone. You see…when we are connected to our purpose in life, we understand that our experiences are here to teach us.

All of our experiences give us a chance, an opportunity, to step into our power. To be called to be our most authentic self. To stand in our truth. Our experiences are our greatest gifts. In truth, they allow us to feel more connected.

That’s right. Our experiences, although they may feel unique to us, feed off of a collective energy. This energy is accessible and transferred to all. Not one person receives it while another ends up denied. However, the manner in which you have access to it may vary. Either way, what is important is that you recognize you’re bigger than you think. You are truly a Cosmic Superstar. Literally.

Here is a beautiful, short video that celebrates the life and accomplishments of Astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

As a Cosmic Superstar it is your responsibility to shine. Shine brightly. Shine strongly. Shine your light.

This brings to mind the song that we are often taught to sing in our youth, This Little Light of Mine. Remember this song? When I think of of the words, it immediately makes me smile. It brings me energy. It makes me happy. It’s a reminder of who I am. Who we all are. We are all light. We need to shine our light on each other. Feel the light. Feel the love. Feel the truth of Being In Sync. Let that be your guide.

Live. Love. Thrive in the light! 


Are You In Sync?
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