1. stressed-outBREATHE into it. Feeling “overwhelmed” is an emotion–not a thought. So, thinking it away will not work. Stop, and take 3 deep breaths in through your nose and exhale them through your mouth. This releases stress and brings you back into your body vice the mind.
  2. Make a list. Put what you have in your head down on paper, where you can attend to it. See it for what it is and nothing more. It will seem less daunting and more doable than how you saw it in your head.
  3. Focus on and set priorities. Not everything is a priority. Be realistic about what will get done next. Focus on that first.
  4. Get moving. The benefits of moving your body cannot be underestimated. Cardio exercise is a great way to move blocked or stuck energy.
  5. Think impact. Remember–the way you are being present for others determines the type of impact you will have. You can address that by taking actions on numbers 1-4 above.

Becoming overwhelmed can happen at any time. It’s always best to have some precautions in place so that when an extra task, or a surprise deadline drops in your lap, you have a solid foundation to help manage it and get your tasks done without losing your way.

 Live. Love. Thrive.