10 Signs YOU are an ALPHA Female

  1. You more often than not always have an answer and are always right. This can be extremely irritating for everyone around you. But you speak up, not being afraid of having the wrong answer but empowered to be working toward a solution.
  2. You take time to recognize others, always coming from a place of having enough. You truly know the value in lifting others up to their highest potential.
  3. You leverage every situation and find a way to make it work for the next time.
  4. You are mindful of your language. Alpha females know they are in the spot light and as such are careful to empower rather than destroy those around them.
  5. You are goal oriented. You have your list and are very clear about the path you are clearing for yourself.
  6. You take time to reflect and relax. You are a busy lady, but know you will be better served when you have time to clear your mind and refocus.
  7. You don’t wait for someone to give you authority. You take it. You stand tall. You come into a room and there is no question you are present and aware.
  8. You expect respect. Respect is a value of being human, not of being part of the “in crowd.” Anything less says more about the people you are working with than about who you are as a woman.
  9. You model integrity. You have no issues with letting others know where you stand. You will use clear data points to show how it will be best for others to come aboard with true conviction or move on their way. You have no problem clearing your hands and moving forward.
  10. You know not to look back. The past is not the place to create your future. You know power comes from always being present in the moment. Alpha females know that who they are makes a difference right where they are at that moment.

Knowing who you are is important. Being strong is your divine right. However, never, ever, lose touch with your feminine power. Feminine power has nothing to do with being an Alpha and everything to do with your inner power.

Live. Love. Thrive. Being In Sync.