How we speak about ourselves frames our experiences. What is a frame? A frame is a window through which we see something. We can actually change the window, perhaps make it a door, by changing our language.

For example:

“If I decide to leave this (job/relationship) the company/person will be ruined.”

That is an assumption that many people create in their minds. They frame themselves as being so significant that others cannot survive or thrive without them. Of course this is not true, but we frame situations to make us feel safe and important. We can change our frame to actually make us feel better and allow us to create possibilities for others. The challenge here is to change the language. It is the first step in becoming aware of your thinking.

This is done by going step by step through the situation and looking at all the possible outcomes. Once you do this, you will soon realize that as you free yourself, you free others too.

Here is an example of the above, rephrased: If I leave my job/relationship, it may be hard for me and them at first. Eventually we will all be stronger and better for it. We will all find a new way to progress forward and eventually it will be possible to see this past experience we thought was bad as a gift–the gift to help us further along in our life purpose.

Change your energy language and you change your world.

Live. Love. Thrive. Being In Sync.