1. Negative Attitudes. Bad thoughts, ugly thoughts, vengeful feelings, shame, blame, etc. towards yourself and others is negativity and will kill your momentum and the momentum of those around you.
  2. Toxic environments. Do not underestimate the power of your environments at the office or the home. Do you have piles of papers sitting on your desk? Do you have stacks of bills that have not been attended to? Are your shelves overflowing with “stuff”? Do you walk into your office, or home, and feel depleted the moment you step through the door? Disorganization, clutter and piles of paper will deplete your energy. Make your space a sanctuary. Do what you can with paint, pictures, vision boards, quotes of inspiration, etc.
  3. Sarcasm is negative. Beware of that “witty humor” that masks itself as funny, but it is really a put down of yourself and others.
  4. Foggy Thinking. If you are unclear, unsure, or “foggy” in your thinking, this will impact your ability to focus in on any one direction.
  5. Excessive media usage. This is a real “time sucker” and more often than not it does not leave you feeling well. If you leave your show or media session and you notice in your body you aren’t feeling well…. Guess what? It kills your motivation.
  6. Negative friendships. If you friends are not lifting you up, listening intently, encouraging you, supporting you, willing to tell you something you may not want to hear but are doing so for your own good- not theirs, then your friends may not be true friends. It is important to recognize that some so-called friends might be smiling to your face but secretly jealous of your courage to do what you are doing.
  7. Going against your intuition. Whoa, this one is a butt kicker. We always know what is best for ourselves. If we fail to listen to our own inner guidance, we tend to get down on ourselves and eventually self-destruct.
  8. Feeling overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed is not a thought, it is an emotion. Therefore, we need to address our emotional state in order to overcome this overwhelming feeling. Take some time to get centered and refocused on how you are feeling. Taking a simple “feelings inventory” in association with your body can do wonders.
  9. Complaining. If you are constantly finding things wrong with the way others are doing things, that is complaining. If you frequently complain to your partner(s) about the day, that is complaining. If you spend more time picking things apart than you do finding solutions, you are killing motivation.
  10. Allowing your schedule to run you. Do you find yourself running from one activity to another without enough time to go to the toilet, eat lunch or have a snack? That should tell you that your schedule is running you. In situations like these, feeling out of control or no longer responsible is almost certainly a result. Feeling out of control is a motivation killer.

Live. Love. Thrive