What Are Your Values?

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To maintain healthy relationships, we need more than just love for each other. Because as many of us who have been in love know, feelings can and do change. One moment we may be at the height of euphoria - everything is glorious! Wonderful! Beautiful! - and the next moment we may feel like the world has just collapsed [...]

Does Your Relationship Fill You Up or Deplete You?

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Being in a relationship is a lot like carrying a big bucket around with you everywhere you go. A strange image, to be sure, but stay with me here. It will all make sense in a moment. Relationships are not always as effortless as we would like. Like liquid, which has no definite form, relationships [...]

Your Relationship With Yourself

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Are you one of those people who reads countless books on how to “fix” your partner so you can finally enjoy a life filled with peace, serenity, and happiness? If so, stop it. Everything you need to know to fix your relationship can be summed up with your answer to this question: What is my relationship status [...]

Getting Along With Your Peers

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Having the best job in the world isn’t worth even the highest salary if you aren’t happy. And one of the most common reasons for job satisfaction or low workplace morale is because of the relationships we have with our colleagues, supervisors, other departmental employees, etc. In fact, many people say the reason they leave a job is due to [...]

Helping Others Know Their Worth

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I was recently interviewed by TellJanus. Check out the recording here Kiannaa Sadge has always had an innate ability to lift others up. If asked what she knows best, she would say, “I’m a relationship expert.” In actuality, her purpose can be whittled down into its rawest form: Kiannaa helps people find their own, personal [...]

5 Steps to Setting Up Healthy Boundaries

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Have you ever wondered why you feel so exhausted all the time? Is it because of work? Or perhaps family responsibilities? Unspoken conversations? A medical issue that needs to be addressed? Have you ever noticed how, during the holidays, you feel a bit more run down due to this unspoken expectation to BE UP and [...]