Piggy Bank

I just don’t have it in me anymore.  

I’m running on fumes 

These are common phrases used by people in trouble. Why? Because their emotional bank accounts are running on empty.  

We are social beings and relationships are necessary for us to survive. So sometimes we need to interact with others to satisfy our desire for acceptance, love, and companionship. But what happens when we’ve run low on our ability to give and receive love? That’s when it’s time to refill our own emotional bank accounts. 

We fill our accounts with the things that matter most to us. We do this by being our authentic self, by being in our truth, and by living our purpose. Over the course of our lifetime, we learn which experiences give us joy, and then we use these to fill up our emotional bank account. Then when it’s time to give love and be of service to those we care about, we can start withdrawing our contributions to our emotional piggy bank, paying others back in kind. 

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help determine what state your emotional bank account is in (and to help you keep it from becoming empty): 

  • Am I practicing self-love and self-care?  
  • Am I being kind and loving to myself? 
  • Am I giving too much away too fast? 
  • Am I giving with discernment?  
  • Am I giving the wrong things to the wrong people for the wrong reasons? 
  • Am I giving the right things to the right people for the right reasons? 
  • Have I spent enough time in self-reflection, so I feel comfortable with the contents of my bank account? 

Take a moment to reflect on your answers to the questions above. If your answers aren’t exactly what you wanted or hoped for, this is a good opportunity to make better investment choices. Your goal is to fill your emotional bank account to the brim with positivity and love.