Woman thinking

When was the last time you got a checkup? No, not a checkup at the doctor’s office. A checkup with yourself? When was the last time you actually took a moment (five minutes, a full day…) to check in on how you’re feeling about yourself?

Is that a strange thing to hear? Then it’s obvious you need to check yourself.

One of the most critical needs – and most under-used – is self-reflection. Self-reflection gives us the opportunity to stop for a moment and listen to our inner voice, a voice that is all too often ignored.

The busy, busy, busy way of life is the problem. It keeps us from ourselves. Then we become too afraid to see who we’ve become, too reluctant to self-reflect. Why? It can be a real bruise to the ego when we realize we aren’t who we thought.

What are some of the signs it’s time for you to check yourself? Take some time to answer these questions:

  • Are there patterns of undesirable behaviors that keep repeating? This is important because it provides you with insight.
  • Are you responding to questions too rapidly or flippantly? This is often an indication that further consideration would be useful.
  • Are you too abrupt with others? Being abrupt with others is a sign you are stressed or angry about something that is beyond your control.
  • Do you find yourself irritated or frustrated often?
  • Do you tell people how busy you are all the time? There are distinctions between being busy and being productive.

Feeling out of sync and overwhelmed are signs you have not checked in with yourself for some time. Being in Sync is a way to find the strength to make better choices.

Here are some tips to help you check in with yourself:

  • Get in touch with your feelings. Stop thinking so much and start feeling.
  • Recognize your undesirable behaviors aren’t serving your purpose.
  • Stop the hustle and get back into your zone. Pushing is not the answer. Instead, self-correct and get into your flow. Watch this video where I explain more about this.
  • Feel gratitude and appreciation.