2Contrary to most intellectual thought processes, to me creating a vision is about tapping into your highest possibilities. Yes–that is right! As leaders it is not only our job, but our responsibility to provide possibilities for others.

As a coach, it is not uncommon for clients to come to me feeling broken (mentally, physically and spiritually), distraught, lost and close to burnout.

Sometimes when we are so busy giving so much to others, we forget to refuel. Creating a strong vision for yourself and your organization will help fuel you during the low times. The key to keeping a clear VISION is: people should be able to see it. It may be made of words, but the words must create a vision, which in turn inspires action.

How to create a strong vision:

Step 1:

Take a moment, stop thinking, and just…be. Be present with yourself, your breath. You are a living, breathing being. Notice that.

Step 2:

Once you have become present to yourself (and your power) check it with one single question. For example: How can I bring blessings to everything I do in a manner that opens my eyes, heart and spirit and that of those around me?

A tip: make it a powerful, high-quality, open-ended question.

Step 3:

Sit and listen internally for the answer. Often, the answer will come to you with a subtle cue. It might be a symbol, an image, or you might hear a word, or see a person.

Step 4:

Write down any information that you get from your visualization exercise. The information might be answering something you haven’t even focused on yet, but it will come in handy when you get more information.

Step 5:

Play with the wording and create a vision statement.

If you notice that you have a difficult time “seeing” your vision form, stick with it. It will come with practice. Visualization is a powerful tool that will help you navigate during times that require confidence. A strong vision will help you be more confident in yourself, your team, and your abilities to thrive.

Note: Visions change as you change. As an organization changes, remain flexible. What worked nicely 5 years ago may not be as successful as today. So be willing to modify and adjust.

Be. Love. Thrive.