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Emotional Bank Account

By |February 22nd, 2018|

I just don’t have it in me anymore.  

I’m running on fumes.  

These are common phrases used by people in trouble. Why? Because their emotional bank accounts are running on empty.  

We are social beings and relationships are necessary for us to survive. So sometimes we need to interact with others to satisfy our desire for acceptance, love, and companionship. But what happens when we’ve run low on our ability to […]

Check Yourself!

By |February 11th, 2018|

When was the last time you got a checkup? No, not a checkup at the doctor’s office. A checkup with yourself? When was the last time you actually took a moment (five minutes, a full day…) to check in on how you’re feeling about yourself?

Is that a strange thing to hear? Then it’s obvious you need to check yourself.

One of […]

Sabotaging Love

By |February 8th, 2018|

Has this ever happened to you?

You met someone on the internet and have been communicating a lot with them over the phone or online. Everything seems to be clicking, and you’ve been getting all the right signals and vibes that say “full steam ahead.”

You’re really excited about the relationship and its potential, so you finally meet them in person at a fancy […]

Following Your Heart Into Joy

By |January 30th, 2018|

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Intimacy: Into Myself I See

By |January 25th, 2018|

Many people hope for the kind of relationship where they feel nothing but excitement for another person. They imagine a strong sexual attraction, ending with a deeply connected intimacy.

This type of bond is intense and feels amazing, and definitely gets the hormones flowing. But is it real intimacy? Or is it simply sexual compatibility?

Sexual compatibility has very little to do […]

Law Maker, Dream Breaker: Are You Laying Down the Law in Your Relationship?

By |January 18th, 2018|

Happy Wife, Happy Life! 

How often have you either A) heard this expression or B) said it yourself? Is it really a truthful or fair statement to make?

Relationships need to be built from a stable, balanced foundation. This means couples need to be willing to give and take without feeling diminished or devalued in the process. […]

Talk is Cheap, But Meaning is Rich

By |January 11th, 2018|

All we seem to do is talk, talk, talk. But are we really communicating?

Many of us find ourselves in situations where everyone seems to be talking, but nobody is really listening. This happens at work, at home, and anywhere people gather to express their opinions, views, and feelings. Is this communication? Is it effective? And when someone is talking, […]

Are You Addicted to Your DysFUNctional Relationship?

By |January 4th, 2018|

On the TV Show Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen’s character, aptly named “Charlie,” was a real playboy. He was characterized as a ladies’ man, a real player addicted to empty, meaningless sexual encounters, alcohol, and basic “bad-boy” behavior. The “comedy” here (if you can call it that) was the conflict he and his more stable brother, Alan, […]

What Are Your Values?

By |December 28th, 2017|

To maintain healthy relationships, we need more than just love for each other. Because as many of us who have been in love know, feelings can and do change. One moment we may be at the height of euphoria – everything is glorious! Wonderful! Beautiful! – and the next moment we may feel like the world has just collapsed […]

Does Your Relationship Fill You Up or Deplete You?

By |December 21st, 2017|

Being in a relationship is a lot like carrying a big bucket around with you everywhere you go. A strange image, to be sure, but stay with me here. It will all make sense in a moment.

Relationships are not always as effortless as we would like. Like liquid, which has no definite form, relationships take […]