1. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.You want things to happen faster. The pace of BEING is only a perception. There is only now. Realize that a bunch of flawed beliefs got you out of sync and it will take one moment at a time to get you back in
  2. Too much worry and doubt. Life is short and worry doesn’t get results, so knock it off. Stop thinking about what isn’t working and start focusing on what IS working.
  3. No one is listening. Your job is to teach by example–not by pontificating what you think everyone else should, or should not be doing. Start looking at where you need to be taking your own advice.
  4. Looking outside yourself for answers. Do you find you are going to coaches, mentors, professors, psychics, and palm readers? Any time you are seeking answers outside yourself you will be misaligned. Your inner truth will never steer you wrong. You just need to learn to listen to yourself.
  5. Risking relationships for the sake of being heard. When you are feeling confident in your new “knowingness,” there is often a sense of righteousness that rides along. Be strategic in your boldness. You don’t have to speak up just for the sake of doing so.
  6. You think you are grounded. Feeling grounded and solid in who you are is not the same as thinking you are. It is a feeling. It is undeniable and the strength and confidence follows closely behind.
  7. You think meditation is pointless. Meditation is not a requirement–it is an option. It is an option to choose to practice being in a state of peaceful calmness rather than action. It can be as short as 1 minute and as long as 2 hours. The decision is always yours.
  8. You’re using the wrong side of the brain. The ego is always present while we’re alive. The wrong side of the brain is the side which judges, criticizes, shames, demoralizes, etc. This is where the ego lives. The “right” side of your brain is where love is always present for your awakening to it. To be more on the “right side of the brain” is simply to awaken your choice to the opportunity to choose another thought.
  9. You’re experiencing too much stress. We live in stressful environments. If you are feeling overwhelmed more often than not, you are in an emotional state of being stressed. Reduce your stress immediately by going out into nature. Put your bare feet in the grass or dirt and just send all your negative thoughts and emotions down into mother earth. Within moments you will feel relief. Be sure to extend gratitude to mother earth for helping you out!
  10. You’ve become overconfident. Being in Sync is a moment-to-moment way of existence. If you become overconfident, the universe has a way of humbling you in ways that you least expect it. It is always a good choice to be humble and allowing.

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