Lets admit it, first impressions last. You do not get second chances to have another first moment. 

RIP Prince, his music, art, way of taking as stand for a cause, made the whole world notice. 

Did you know that your energy enters the room before you do? Have you ever found yourself in a meeting, waiting for the “big wig” to enter? As soon as he or she enters the room the energy shifts drastically?

It’s common knowledge that we all have energy fields with an aura. Depending on your knowledge and understanding of your personal energy, what is possible is still possible. You just haven’t used all your resources yet. For example, have you ever gone to a place so many times that people are looking for you even when you aren’t there? How do you know? The moment you see them they say, “Hey how have you been? I haven’t seen you for a while” It’s true–maybe they haven’t seen you, but they have felt you.

We carry our energy fields everywhere we go. We can even leave it in places without realizing it. We can even send it places ahead of time. That would be why there is an “air of anticipation” when we are in a meeting or going someplace.

The next time you want to make a first impression, don’t spend so much time thinking about what you want to say for your “elevator pitch.” Spend some time considering how you want people to feel when you leave. Do you want them to look forward to seeing you again? Do you want them to feel happy they met you? Do you want to be the one they look for at the next event? Do you make them feel special?

Remember… first impressions last for as long as you do.

 Live. Love. Thrive!