It is not uncommon for me to run into other consultants, or even my own clients. We enjoy spending a few minutes catching up. Within the first minute of my asking, “How are you?” they always seem to answer “Busy. I am so busy.”

Since when did busy become so commonplace?

So, I wonder…if you are busy, is it because you are someone in need, desired, or even wanted? It then becomes a “topping” comment instead of a possibility to connect. When I hear these comments, it makes me curious. Why do they want to be so busy?

I think being busy is overrated. Personally, I like to use words like productive, efficient, and progressive. To me, these words bring more meaning to what my days tend to be like. I like to use words that actually inspire more greatness to flow within my day, with me. Using inspirational words allows an opening for new possibilities.

Being busy to me is rushing from one place to another, from meeting to meeting, with barely any time to reflect, no time for eating meals, no time for enjoying conversations. It’s just a busy, busy, day! Booooo to all of that!

Let us take more time to manage our schedules, instead of them managing us. Let us take time to praise others, instead of sending a text or email “later” because we were “too busy” to do it in the moment. Let us notice that we are ultimately the ones who determine our own pace.

Tips for resolving your need to be busy:

  • Realize that “busy” does not equal “productive.”
  • Notice that your desire to be busy is possibly a way to stay disconnected.
  • Look at all the meetings you participate in regularly. Then, prioritize your meetings and determine if you need to be in all of them. Can you delegate any of them to gain more time in your schedule?
  • Prioritize your day the night before.
  • Never give up responsibility for how you decide to communicate your experiences. Your words have power. Make sure they reflect what is true in that moment, not what happened five minutes, one day, two days, or even ten days before. NOW is really where you are. In this moment.

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Kiannaa Sadge is a Relationships Expert.