Laugh and ThriveThe last few years I have focused on making things more fun (for me and my clients). Everything doesn’t have to be so difficult. We make it that way by our attitudes. So why not make building your team more fun too? It can be done. Here are some simple tips that anyone can do right away.

1. Assign different team members to take the lead on team initiatives.
2. Hold your team meetings in different locations once a month or once per quarter.
3. Conduct mini surveys and share with each team member what it is they are doing that is working.
4. Bring in guest speakers to add a fresh new approach to your topics.
5. Frequently and constructively talk about how the team, as a whole, could improve.
6. Take corrective action on team dissatisfaction areas.
7. Measure progress often.
8. Take time to get to know each other and support each other’s goals.
9. Ask open-ended questions and allow team members time to reflect and answer thoughtfully and thoroughly.
10. Try a fun approach to building your team. Creating a solid team takes time, effort and energy. Be clear in your direction and the team will follow.