IMG_2127 (1)Today with so many different ways to be bombarded with information. It’s important that we keep the most important things simple. It is easy to live a calmer life. Here are 5 Daily Habits to Make Your Life Calmer and Healthier

  1. Have “Me” time. Take a “Me Day” weekly. Have time set aside for you to do whatever it is you need (or want) to do for yourself every week.
  2. Reflection time. Take time daily to assess what is working for you. Think about what you need to adjust in order to feel better sooner rather than later.
  3. Organize. Take time each week to organize yourself. Do not let your schedule rule your life. You need to be the ruler of your kingdom.
  4. Purge. Get rid of those things that are no longer serving you any purpose. Things tend to weigh you down. So does weight. See what is weighing you down and make clear decisions to alleviate those situations before they become problems.
  5. Track your successes daily. This is a ritual that will help you feel lifted up. Every day we have successes. It helps to track them and know that who you are makes a difference every single day.