Transformational Thursday in true form should be bringing you something new and a slightly different perspective. That’s my aim. Here in the United States it’s Thanksgiving day. One thing I am appreciative of is seeing a different prespective.  With that in mind,  I am bringing you something different. Completely different and potentially something you have never heard of before! 

 This past week I was at a conference and one of the vendors there was taking these “aura photos.” I stopped and spoke with her briefly (I am naturally curious and find it fascinating what people do for a living). However, I walked away, with little interest of having my photo taken.

But on second thought, I said, “Why not?” It only cost $40 for the interpretation–for someone to tell you what the aura colors mean. So, I went ahead and did it. And, as you can see from the photo there was a lot of blue (BORING right?). I had seen other people’s photos containing bright rainbows of colors… but not mine. It was mostly BLUE. Interesting. So, I had to ask how this whole “aura” thing works, and what exactly does it mean? 

This photo is SPOT ON! Read on...

This photo is SPOT ON! Read on…

I sat down and she put a black sheet around my neck. As you can see at the top of the photo, the area in the back is black too. Next, I placed my hands on these metal pads and she took the photo. 

Apparently, our auras reveal our energetic “bank accounts” and nourish a variety of our gifts. Perhaps you’re wondering what are my gifts based on these colors? 

As you can see, there aren’t too many colors in mine. The primary color you see–that beautiful deep BLUE–is considered “sacred space.” Why, you might ask? Because this is a “safe place” that people come to tell their secrets! So true!  MY entire life people have been coming up to me and sharing their secrets. It happens all the time. 

Blue is also the Divine Goddess Aura and is a healing energy. The blue in my photo is much larger than most (so the consultant said). Which indicates a large capasity to help other out of chotic situations. Just sitting in the presence or talking with someone with a deep blue aura can be healing and make you feel better immediately.  You may have heard that saying: “You are only as sick as your secrets.” Well, if you are sharing them with me, you are safe.  When you tell that secret in a safe place, all the energy that was used to keep that secret is then healed. Did you know that?

Blue represents listening. I listen and can make key suggestions to help transmute the energy or the feeling.  The light blue you see close to my head is my guidance. Essentially, knowing that I am connected to a source that is always feeding me information, thoughts and ideas. 

Pink in the face means that I see the best in others. True that! I always see possibilities. In fact, I have even explained my coaching is about seeing possibilities where others couldn’t, and support them through to their greatest space. So my clients tend to trust me not knowing where they are going but getting there and it was better than they could have imagined. That’s what I do! 

The light blue in my throat is considered a ministerial mouth. That is when the words just come flying out of my mouth. (Oh YES that is true!) I’ve been known to have a keen sense of being direct and a getting right to the heart of the matter. Oh yes, that is me!

The color over my shoulder is black. It indicates the ability to bring darkness into the light. She then asked if I worked in the prison system. I laughed. I have done so in the past, but currently I work a lot with executives whom seem to be living in the prison of their minds. (That might be true for you too?) Either way when you are Being In Sync you are now in the light and experiencing life in a different way. A way that not only serves you better, but also everyone around you. 

The whole point of the Aura reading is to provide more information about how you operate best. Thankfully, I am in a profession that honors who I am and allows those parts of me that I love to flourish. I am truely Being In Sync

You don’t have to have your picture taken to “see” your Aura (it was fun though). You always know when you are In Sync or Outta Sync. It’s just a matter if you are willing to actually see and do something different. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you living aligned to your passions and purpose? 
  • Are you using your skills to you know to be a strength in your daily work? 
  • Are you thriving or just surviving?

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I hope you enjoyed this…let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from you.

Live. Love. Thrive.