Careers in the New Paradigm

Are You Tired Of Being Stuck In The Same Position At Work?
Do You Know Your Purpose Is To Create A Bigger Impact?
Do You Want To Move Up But Can’t, And Don’t Know What’s Holding You Back?

Get Help Navigating Uncharted Territories

Kiannaa Sadge

Careers in the New Paradigm is a new online video program I created featuring 20+ videos, a workbook, and unique recorded video discussions with people who are just like you. This course was created to help you get the edge you need.

With this program you get:

  • New ideas for getting hired and landing the promotion you deserve
  • Breakthrough approaches to align yourself with the new paradigm
  • The results you crave when you apply these techniques

It’s time for you to get out of your head and back into your body. This program will help you develop your vision so it aligns with the demands of the new paradigm and propels you in the right direction with increased pace!

Watch Videos

1.1 Re-engineering: Aligning with Your Authentic Self

Discover your purpose and align your heart with your mind

1.2 Re-engineering: Your Attitude & Thoughts

Re-engineer your thoughts to ditch the desperation and improve your attitude

1.3 Re-engineering: Creating a Shift with the Gratitude Game

Reprogram your mind with this simple game

1.4 Re-engineering Exercise: Your Dream Job — with Jeff & Mike

Follow Kiannaa’s prompts for creating a write-up of your dream job

2.1 Resumes Part 1: Your Story & Top 7 Experiences

Learn a new approach to resume writing and discover how to show the essence of who you are in your resume

2.2 Resumes Part 2: Prioritize & Align Your Experiences

Prioritize and showcase your best experiences for the career you want

2.3 Resumes Part 3: Resume Dos and Don’ts

Tips for making your resume the best it can be

2.4 Resumes Part 4: More Resume Tips

Ways to make your resume stand out

3.1 Resumes Exercise: Introduction to Better Resume Writing — with Jeff & Mike

Kiannaa explains the new way of approaching and writing resumes

3.2 Resumes Exercise: Creating Your Resume Step-by-Step — with Jeff & Mike

Learn the steps to creating the core of your resume as Kiannaa walks through the process