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Careers in the New Paradigm

Are You Tired Of Being Stuck In The Same Position At Work?
Do You Know Your Purpose Is To Create A Bigger Impact?
Do You Want To Move Up But Can’t, And Don’t Know What’s Holding You Back?

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You’re feeling stuck…but you don’t have to be. You need to let go and align your vision with the new paradigm. Here’s why.

The job market is constantly changing, and you do your best to change with it. But keeping up is hard. You labor to stay ahead of the pack and provide unmatched value to your employer.

The problem is employer’s needs have changed, but you haven’t. What they need now is different from what you know. So if you want to get promoted or land a new job, you need to level up and align with the new paradigm.

Leveling Up

Take a look at the following:

Q: Why haven’t you leveled up?

A: You’re stuck in the old paradigm and it no longer works.

Q: Why do you apply out-of-date rules to new jobs?

A: You’re trying to fit the future of your job into the pattern of the past.

Q: Why aren’t employers hiring you?

A: You aren’t aligned with your purpose.

Employers don’t want this.

Employers want to promote people who are aligned with the new paradigm and who can navigate uncharted territories. I’m here to help you get aligned with the new paradigm and face your vision by teaching you to adapt to this whole new way.

Are you ready to get that promotion or new job you have been thinking about for years? I can help.

Get Help Navigating Uncharted Territories

Kiannaa Sadge

Careers in the New Paradigm is a new online video program I created featuring 20+ videos, a workbook, and unique recorded video discussions with people who are just like you. This course was created to help you get the edge you need.

With this program you get:

  • New ideas for getting hired and landing the promotion you deserve
  • Breakthrough approaches to align yourself with the new paradigm
  • The results you crave when you apply these techniques

It’s time for you to get out of your head and back into your body. This program will help you develop your vision so it aligns with the demands of the new paradigm and propels you in the right direction with increased pace!

More importantly, you’ll get new insight into yourself. All you need to begin your journey into the new paradigm is a one-degree shift that comes from understanding your new self. When you understand your new self, your purpose, values, and confidence align to meet the demands of the new paradigm.

Are you ready to align to the new demands of your job, get the position you want, and have employers knocking down your door?

Then you need Careers In The New Paradigm. This is the only course that shows you step by step how to align to the demands of the position you want by getting a new understanding of yourself.


How It Works

When I created Careers In The New Paradigm, I knew everyone would use the course in a different way. So Careers In The New Paradigm is laid out to get you the help you need right now. To save you time and deliver results you need immediately, you can view the videos in whatever order works best for you.

There are more than twenty different videos to help you:

  • Develop a new understanding of yourself to better engage with changing market demands
  • Create an authentic vision of your truest self
  • Pull back the curtain and learn from your biggest strengths and weaknesses
  • Align your truest self to the new paradigm and create magnetic energy employers want
  • Write a resume that makes you stand out by telling the stories behind your results
  • Leverage your network for immediate explosive growth.

Careers In The New Paradigm is designed to help you:

1) Achieve clarity and align your vision with the new paradigm.
Let go of the vision of the past to meet the job demands of the modern day.

2) Grow confidence in networking.
When you are aligned with the new paradigm, your network will help promote you and create explosive growth.

3) Gain momentum.
Using the step-by-step system, Careers In The New Paradigm will help you take the next step in your career and achieve a new way of being that will position you in the direction you need to go.

Are you interested in writing resumes that get you interviews?

You need to knock down your barriers and get aligned so your resume reflects who you are. Knowing how to do this can be hard, though. That’s where I come in. You will be shown the exact step-by-step method for writing resumes that get you jobs. You’ll also get templates you can modify to showcase your skills right away.

Who This Is For

This is for you if you feel stuck, want more purpose in your career, and hope to move up but don’t have support from your organization to make the move.

Careers In The New Paradigm is for you if you’re looking to align with the new demands of the market, increase your confidence by getting clear on your purpose, match your energy to your employer’s needs, develop a whole new way of seeing yourself, and finally create or land the position you want.

Are you ready to have the career you really want?

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If you’re a Type-A overachiever and don’t like leaving anything to chance, I have a special offer for you. As someone who purchases Careers In The New Paradigm, you have a unique opportunity to get a personal consultation from me on your resume for just $50.

Sign up for my Resume Accelerator and you will receive a personalized video recording with targeted suggestions you can instantly use to rewrite your resume so you’re in line with the demands of the new job paradigm!