It’s not just about what you say. It’s also about how you say it.


Your words only account for about 7% of what you’re “saying” when you’re talking about your feelings or attitudes. So, what about the other 93%?  

Your vocal cues (like your tone of voice) make up about 38% of your communication, and your facial cues (i.e. body language) make up the remaining 55%. 

With this in mind, how successfully do you feel you’re communicating? 

Common Communication Issues

Many people struggle to understand why their message isn't heard, but do you know why yours may not be?

  • Do you often feel that people talk over you? Like your voice is not heard? 
  • Do you feel you are frequently interrupted when speaking? 
  • Have you had ever had the experience of saying something in a meeting, and a minute later someone else says the same thing and everyone agrees? 
  • Does it feel draining to try and get attention for your ideas and suggestions? 
  • In meetings does your message often get lost in translation? 
communicate problem

Are you ready to be a better leader, influencer, and conduit for change?

How Voice of Your Soul Works

If you’ve found yourself in any of the above situations, Voice of Your Soul will help you take your communication to the next level by linking your verbal and non-verbal communication.  

Voice of Your Soul is a LIVE, interactive event that taps into the core of who you are and helps you to be the best version of yourself possible.  

This program uses unique strategies to combine Energy Management and the Voice, and is a fun, interactive way to explore the core of who you are while enjoying of bringing it all together.

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn: 

  • How to maximize your communication efforts by making small, powerful adjustments in your delivery.
  • How to be more effective in voicing your purpose, passion, and message to your audience (whether that is your direct reports, your department as a whole, or the entire organization).
  • How to say what you mean and make people take notice. 
  • Who you are makes a difference.

How previous attendees rated Voice of Your Soul Overall...

9.7 / 10 

...and in specific categories:

Raving Fans

“Arming key management professionals with a powerful tool such as a voice coach is a simple but powerful way to help management professionals improve their communication skills and assist them with delivering powerful messages that will be better received and engage a larger audience.” –MD


“Just understanding the scientific principles alone can change the way you speak when needed. You don't have to be a professional singer or speaker, but if you can learn how to make the proper changes, then you can at least engage people properly.” –GS


“Did you know that a subtle change to the way you talk can change you and your audience's energy for the better? If not, you need to experience what I experienced [in the Voice of Your Soul].” –LV


“So far, this course has provided me valuable insight to my communication style and provided me some valuable tools I can apply both at home and at work. If I were asked, I would say that you have to keep an open mind and be willing to try new things and ideas that are presented. I would tell them that, in my opinion, everybody may have a different experience, but it is time well spent.” –RC


“Although it was a lot of complicated information, the concept of how your voice is interpreted is very simply to understand how that could help. I can't think of anyone inside the command or out that would not get something useful from that lesson.” –CY


“I don't think people ever think about simple things like pitch, melody, and tone, etc. when public speaking. Our command is constantly briefing customers and requires all sorts of public speaking at many levels. . . . Get ready for a great experience!!” –CD 


To help answer our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), we've used quotes from previous participants.

Can you tell me more about the experience?

“Wow, what an amazing experience. I felt a full range of emotions, but also felt safe to express them. The group was so much more educational than I expected. It made me a better speaker just by including the technical workings of the vocal cords.”  

Who is this for?

"Anyone can benefit!"

How applicable are the skills I'll learn?

“I feel like I can reuse the lessons and exercises taught today on a daily basis both professionally and personally. Thank you!”  

In one word how would you describe the experience?






Looking for an even deeper dive?

Voice Mastery may be for you.

Voice Mastery is an intense, in-person 2-day event that will teach you how to manage your energy and control your voice so that you can communicate more effectively and from your heart.

Voice of Your Soul

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