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How would you like to experience dramatic, personal, life-changing growth in only 6 weeks?

Sounds impossible, right? Well, it isn’t! With your membership in the 6-Week Accelerated Program, you will be given all of the tools and resources you need to dramatically change your life.

Each week, you’ll get a new topic with objectives for you to accomplish. Coursework, videos, and Action Missions are all included in this one low price — a true value for your money!

A Roadmap to Success

Success and change can’t happen without measuring progress at regular intervals. This is why my program is designed to monitor and track weekly successes as you move through the six-week program.

The tracking tools I’ve created to help you see and analyze your weekly growth create a roadmap to success, giving you the direction and momentum you need to keep going forward.

I will hold you accountable for your actions, and celebrate your successes with you each and every time you move closer to your goals.

This program is guaranteed to bring the positive, life-changing results you want to see in yourself!

What’s Included in the 6-Week Accelerated Program

  • 6 Weeks of Online Videos to help you get your life aligned with
    specific missions
  • Monthly Live Webinars for Discussions & Support
  • Monthly Follow-Ups & Support Materials
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Access to a Private Being in Sync Tribe Facebook Group
  • Access to the Being In Sync Resource & Video Library
  • Weekly Roadmap & Self-Accountability Progress Tracking
  • Course Follow-Ups, Bonus Videos & Additional Support Materials
  • Discounts to Retreats and Other Programs

6-Week Accelerated Program Details

This exclusive online program will allow you to sit back and enjoy simple, easy conversations with Kiannaa as she provides engaging, in-depth video lessons each week. You’ll also get access to very powerful and meaning-filled exercises that will bring the PURPOSE back into your life.

Here’s what you’ll learn each week:

Week 1 – Let Freedom Ring

Discover how to tap into the light, the energy inside of you to live your Best Life, and truly understand who you really are. Realize what has been holding you back and let it go once and forever.

Week 1

Week 2 – Let’s Get It Started

In this enlightening lesson, regain hope and a renewed connection to that deeper part of yourself. Learn how to choose love instead of hate, and how forgiveness is the most healing power of all. Learn how to gain clarity through prioritization.

Week 4

Week 3 – Let’s Take Notice
Experience the power of gratitude and recognition. Practice the importance of self-reflection. Achieve clarity of focus with greater momentum.

Week 3

Week 4 – Making Decisions Easier
Learn the power of simplifying decision-making and bring the fun back into your life. This is where you begin to trust yourself more fully and thrive in life. Opportunities will appear and ease emerges.

Week 2

Week 5- Picking Up Momentum
You will start to see yourself more clearly and gain insight into your life purpose, values, and direction. You will feel more lightness in your life. Through this lens, you will discover how you too can forever transform your life!

Week 5

Week 6 – New Beginnings
Generally, people tend to focus on calendar events to mark their celebrations. When you are Being In Sync, you will be living in accordance to new perceptions that allow you to know that new beginnings are happening all the time. You will learn how to focus on successes and leverage a higher energetic vibration.

Week 6

To check out some real-life results, read the Case Studies here.


If you are ready to experience dramatic, life-changing growth, sign up for the 6-Week Accelerated Program today!