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Join us for this 3-part webinar series that will help you:

→  Improve Communication (and Confidence)
  Get Healthy & Stay Healthy
→  Embrace Change & Transformation

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Communication & Relationships
Thursday, December 13, 2018
5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern

Getting & Staying Healthy
Thursday, January 10, 2019
5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern

Change & Transformation
Thursday, January 31, 2019
5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern

About the 3-part Live Series

In this free educational series, Kiannaa & Willow will teach you how to elevate your Communication & Relationships, achieve better Health, and learn to Embrace Change & Transformation.


  • Learn the biggest mistakes in communication
  • Learn a tried and true 4-step communication process
  • Learn how Willow and Kiannaa address communication Challenges

December 13th

Communication & Relationships (Only 30 Minutes)

We will cover the 7 Biggest Mistakes people consistently make in communication. We will show you a simple process you can use so you can communicate at a much higher level in all of your relationships with family, friends, bosses, co-workers, and more.

January 10th

Getting & Staying Healthy (Only 50 Minutes with Q&A)

You’ll learn how you can get and stay healthy, and learn to be in the flow of abundance, whether it’s financial, worthiness, and more. We will cover the 3 Biggest issues that people have to achieving greater wellbeing: 1.Call to Crisis 2. Lack of Self-Love 3. Belief Systems that block your Wellness

January 31st

Change & Transformation Powwow

How you can embrace change and harness where you are so you can enjoy the transformational process. We will cover the 5 Biggest Obstacles people face when change and transformation is knocking. 1. Discovery & Curiosity 2. Support (or lack thereof) 3. Resistance 4. How to BE in the UNKNOWN 5. Pace (It’s Not a Race)  


These are live events, so be sure to save your seat!