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Being In Sync 365

Are you ready to level up your consulting?

Being In Sync 365 is an integrated, 4-practicum program that aligns you with your higher purpose and enables you to make a bigger impact by tapping into organizations in a holistic manner. Practicums 1 – 3 are online, and Practicum 4 is in person.

Practicum 1: Self-Awareness

8 Weeks – Online
(Prerequisite for all trainings)
$997 $497

Without me, there is no we.

Self-mastery is at the core of all change. We must be willing to look deeply into who we are, what we are, and how we are serving in this world. We can actively move forward with what we know, or we can dig deeper and develop access to a massive reservoir of information. This practicum is designed to begin that journey.

This phase of the program will provide you with the fundamental tools of reflection, healing, and change for the betterment of yourself and those who come into contact with you.

Practicum 2: One-on-One Consulting for Individuals

12 Weeks – Online
$997 $497

There is a method to being a successful consultant to those you come in contact with, and during this part of the program, you’ll learn the ins and outs of coaching individuals to become the best people and leaders they can be.

There are also distinctions that separate consultants from the crowd of life coaches who have infiltrated the self-development arena, and it’s crucial for consultants to know these differences so they can better position their unique offerings.

At the end of these 12 weeks, you will be skilled at learning how to see on the surface and below, and to provide powerful consultations that will leave your clients wanting more. You will be trained on how to look at the whole being and consult appropriately to high-level executives, managers, workers, and any individual who is ready to go to their next level.

Are you ready to be a better consultant and conduit for change?


Practicum 3: Master Facilitation & Organizational Leadership Consulting

20 Weeks – Online
$997 $497

After completing the first two practicums, you will move into Praticum 3: Master Facilitation & Organizational Leadership Consulting.

In this practicum, you will deepen your consulting capabilities by learning how to facilitate groups using the Team Influence method, a time-proven technique for working holistically and energetically with organizations to create change.

You will learn to effectively address:

  • Core Beliefs
  • Group Dynamics and Group Think
  • Systems Thinking Using Metaphors and Symbols
  • Relationships and “Positions”
  • Energy Focusing – a safe and effective way to process

Practicum 4: Advanced Integration & Horse Work

10 Weeks – In Person

The fourth and final phase is a weeklong intensive retreat where all of your learning will coalesce. During this work, you will experience firsthand the beauty of group dynamics that will help you heal and expand in your personal journey, as well as those you consult.

During this retreat, you will be given specific tools that facilitate healing and awareness. It is inclusive of all religious and spiritual orientations. It is also an opportunity to identify and change any limiting beliefs.

The cumulative experience of the retreat and the effect of the group synergy will be used to create an energetic environment that allows one to receive. It is a rare, unique, and special opportunity to feel a direct connection to your high-self, healing limiting beliefs and tapping into your divinity.

If you are ready to change the world and believe you have what it takes, submit your application now.


Who is Being In Sync 365 For?

Being In Sync 365 is especially recommended for you if you plan to work more extensively in a consulting capacity for both individuals and corporate organizations. It’s unlike any other program available to the public.

It is our goal to maintain an active relationship with all instructors, and it’s vital that all of our consultants maintain mutual respect, trust, and collaboration, as well as a shared passion and commitment to make a positive change in the world.

As a graduate of the Being In Sync 365, you will become part of a global community supporting a holistic approach to healing, and will have at your fingertips an immensely powerful and unique program to offer to your clients.

If the above philosophy meets your desires, skills, and preferences, apply now.