Being In Sync
Peak Leadership

Experience a POWERFUL, Full-Immersion Training to Grow Your Emotional Intelligence, Increase the Quality of Your Leadership Presence, and Create Profound Change Wherever You Are  

Are you leading at the highest level possible while living your purpose? Does change come naturally? Do you find yourself leading less and pushing more? Is your team stuck in a rut, missing deadlines, gossiping, and bringing you excuses instead of results? When making important decisions, is communication fragmented, delayed, or inefficient?  

If you are eager to develop personal momentum, create an inspired team, and break free of limiting patterns, then you are ready for profound change.

The Two Types of Profound Change

The first type of profound change is reactive. You don’t want reactive change because it produces reactive leadership. Instead, you want to be a proactive leader who directs from a place of power. Leading from a foundation of power creates quality leadership and proactive change. That’s why you don’t want to react to profound change - you want to lead with it. When you lead with profound change you: 

  • Increase the quality of your leadership 
  • Pick up on your team’s cues and communicate with clarity 
  • Develop confidence and intuition for your team’s needs 
  • Experience less stress while growing daily momentum 
  • Develop authentic knowing of yourself and your inner power 

Developing Authentic Leadership

Through this experiential program, you will experience profound change and develop depth in your leadership. If you want to develop lasting changes you can bring back to the workplace that increase impact, positive communication flow, and team dynamics, this is for you! 

You are probably wondering, why horses? The reason is that horses are deeply intuitive and are great for learning to communicate and guide non-verbally. While horses are powerful, they are still prey animals. So in order to survive, they are constantly assessing their environments for threats and energy changes, looking for protection, security, and leadership energy. 

When you or your team’s energy isn’t focused, the quality of your work suffers. If you are confused, you are faking it. And when you fake it, you are acting without your knowing, which directly impairs your effectiveness. That’s why we use horses. Because you are only able to lead a horse when you are aligned with your own energy. Horses won’t be led through force or threats - and neither will your team. Our training teaches you skills to engage with a horse using authentic leadership energy. 

Stimulate Growth 

Our training stimulates growth by helping you:

  • Become a “breakthrough” leader whose presence inspires confidence and growth 
  • Release the urge to be a perfectionist 
  • Develop clarity and direction through intention 
  • Embrace a leadership flow state that comes from being in your power

During our trainings, you have a unique opportunity to see yourself through your own experience in “real time.” In this gentle but direct manner of learning you uncover limiting behaviors that might otherwise have been completely unnoticed.  

No two experiences are the same, and everyone has a different experience. That’s why the consulting is tailored live-in-the-moment, to ensure the greatest possible takeaways and results. 

These experiences lead to breakthroughs, and every breakthrough is unique. That’s why we limit attendance. When you have a breakthrough, I am there to guide you through it. 

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to commit and:

  • Shatter the limiting beliefs and negative invisible scripts holding you back? 
  • Transform your world by stepping out of your comfort zone and into profound change? 
  • Break the cage holding back your truest self and become the leader you are meant to be?  
  • Become a magnetic leader whose voice commands attention and presence inspires commitment? 

If so, we can help, and you have two program options: Peak Leadership and APEX.

Peak Leadership: A 1-Day Experience

When you (or your team) need the benefits of massive insight, radical momentum, and a fresh, innovative perspective, Peak Leadership is an excellent choice.  

This one-day training is designed to expose you or your team to unique experiences, bonding, and fun. If you have a team, you will learn to be more collaborative, creative, and heightened with crystal clear communication.  

Special note: This is a proven program for teams in crisis - it gets results every single time! 

APEX: A 2-Day Experience

If you want a transformational program in a hands-on environment where you can develop a new paradigm of thinking and being, APEX is for you. 

APEX is a two-day onsite experience that looks into all aspects of who you are as a leader. With real-time consulting that is responsive and tailored to your unique experience, I guide you through transformational growth. 

Special Note: It is not uncommon for me to ask my APEX members if they want a life-changing experience. In the last group, 4 of the 6 members wanted to change their lives. One-hundred percent received what they requested, and more confidence, peace, love, and joy was delivered every single time. This helped the participants become more solid leaders to make our organizations (and our world) better.  

When total and complete immersion for transformational change is what you need, APEX is a great choice. 

Here’s what a few participants have to say about these programs:

Peak Leadership

“The Peak Leadership event facilitated by horses was an eye-opening and insightful experience. All three activities lent their own special revelations. This activity helped me to recognize that I can be that person if needed and not to be afraid to do that sometimes, even though it may be out of my comfort zone. This program has had a positive impact on me both professionally and personally. I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated, and look forward to developing my leadership skills further.” -David S.

"This Peak Leadership Program is so much more than just making a horse go left, right, and stop. It is about opening up your heart and seeing yourself. Figuring out facets of leadership is easy once you do that.” -Greg S.



Eye-opening, challenging but rewarding leadership experience where you conquer your fears and build awareness. These skills apply not only at work, but personal life too.” -Management 

“The program and the horses are helping me find myself, helping me forgive myself, and helping me realize my worth and value. I have realized it’s not about control or making the horse do my bidding. It’s about surrendering to the present moment and feeling what’s truly happening. Good or bad, it’s all valuable information that helps me find peace. When I am peaceful and present, I can operate from love, and that’s when I’m the most powerful.” -Contracting Executive


For more testimonials from Raving Fans, go here:

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Why These Programs Are Different

APEX has been described by past participants as "life changing" and "irrefutably, the most worthwhile, enlightening, and memorable leadership training I have ever experienced." Read on to learn more about how participants' lives improved, and how yours can, too.

APEX is powerful...

“These are probably the most important two days I've spent in my entire life. Pure gold.”  

“Growing leaders is hard, changing a culture is harder. This is a great program on both fronts.”

APEX helps you learn who you are…

“I feel more confident and comfortable being me.”  

“Working with the horses helped me let go of some very old pain. I am much happier now. It was a breakthrough.”  

“It helped to reduce the stress that I was putting myself under to be someone else. Just being me if what I needed and [APEX] definitely helped my outlook and stress level.”  

“Learning to have the courage to face the hard personal challenges in our lives that we think we can 'check at the door' which won't affect our work lives… Learning to be totally open with others, to lead from the heart, has changed my life in ways I never imagined.”  

To become stronger…

It helped me gain to courage to name the issue (versus ignore it) and then find ways to start making improvements. It's still not 100% fixed, but how I deal with it and its impact on me has changed immeasurably for the better.”  

“The best part of the program was being able to process my own personal leadership struggles as well as gain personalized lessons through self-awareness and growth.”  

“Before APEX I thought that I was complete and that I did not have any issues that need to be dealt with. This program showed me that there were things that I had suppressed and needed to address, as well as redistributing the areas where I focus my time and energy.”  

APEX is unique and massively effective…

“This has definitely been the most valuable personal development program that I have ever encountered.”  

“I value the program as a key point in my life. My way of thinking has changed, the way I feel things has changed, the way I react, and listen... has changed. All for the better!”  

“Having a MBA with a specialization in leadership, I can honestly say this experiential learning puts leadership theories into application coupled with immediate outcomes to how each leader leads in multiple scenarios.”  

APEX provides fast and lasting results…

"I developed more personally over those two days than I thought was possible." 

"[What was most surprising about APEX was] seeing how much growth I had in a short time.”  

"How efficiently the APEX process quickly helped me grow personally and smash through relationship barriers among our group."  

“I still apply what I've learned in all areas of my life. I've become a lot more open to others and to the idea that I don't have to be hard in order to be effective and gain respect.”  

“I have learned to trust my instincts and to also be more observant of others rather than rushing to a judgment.”  

Is This Program For You?

If you are looking for a forceful and fast-paced shock to the system, this is not for you. These programs are all about removing the barriers that keep you from being present and aligned to results.  

These trainings are perfect for: 

  • Executives looking to go to their next level 
  • Teams in crisis 
  • Organizations looking to inspire employees and innovation  
  • Teams wanting to create better collaboration and understanding 

If you are looking to develop responsiveness to your team’s communications, stop feeling so stressed, increase your confidence, and tune into the feedback that leads to growth, you need the Peak or APEX Leadership Trainings.

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