I’m excited to share that I was recently a guest on The Longevity & Biohacking Show with Jason Hartman & Fernando Aires.

In the podcast, I chatted with Fernando Aires about my Being In Sync Nootropic Botanicals, and shared how they can help you succeed in life while also making it easier.

How to Listen

To listen to the podcast, you can go to iTunes or download the file directly to your computer and listen at anytime (to save to your computer, right-click the “Download File” button & select “Save as…”):

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Here’s a summary of the Key Takeaways:

3:34 – Why people take nootropics and what they are doing

6:16 – The emotional effects of them, as well as what we psychologically do to possibly need them

11:50 – The differences between these and regular smart drugs

15:50 – How people can only change when they are READY to

17:49 – The six different products available and what they do

22:16 – The results her clients are seeing

26:00 – How to pick the one that best suits you